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Cathe Conner Nutrional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy? 

​Nutritional Therapy delivers a science-based education that empowers individuals with knowledge on the power of real food and nutrients. Nutritional Therapy is based on the belief that six key physiological foundations must be in balance to experience optimal health: nutrition, digestion elimination, fatty acids, hydration, mineral balance, and blood sugar regulation.


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are trained to evaluate a client’s nutritional needs and we work in collaboration with our clients to create a nutritional and lifestyle protocol to achieve optimal health and a well-balanced lifestyle. NTP’s understand that no two people are alike and there is no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition.


We focus on the concept of bio-individuality and teach each client how to identify the right types of whole food to support the body’s innate ability to heal and restore balance through the following:




Detailed Nutritional Assessment & Analysis


Identify & Address Client's Health Concerns

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Educate & Support Nutritional Imbalances & Foundation Dysfunctions


The human body is an amazing and fascinating organism, which works best when it is active, properly nourished and in balance. There is a growing need regarding education and holistic prevention in our healthcare system today and we are all ultimately responsible for our own health and being informed. I want to empower people to feel confident in taking control of their own health and getting started on a path to self-care and healthfulness.


Eating a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet provides the fuel and essential building blocks the body needs to maintain health and balance


Proper health and function of the digestive system is fundamental in providing the nutrients our bodies need for structure and function


Blood sugar regulation is vital to the proper functioning of all major body systems and affects energy production and balance, hormonal balance and brain health.


Healthy fats play several essential roles in the body including aiding in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, providing a key source of energy, acting as building blocks for cell membranes and hormones and reducing inflammation.


Our bodies do not synthesize

minerals, therefore it is vital

we consume them through food as they play major roles in enzyme reactions, regulating tissue growth, proper nerve conduction and contracting and relaxing muscles.


Water is the largest single constituent of the human body making up 55-60 % of total body mass and is essential for cellular homeostasis and life.

Proper hydration is vital!

Cathie Conner Nutrional Health Practitoner

Cathie is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and holds a master's degree in Applied Nutrition focused in Exercise and Sports Nutrition. She was a collegiate athlete who has a love for sports and athletics and believes our bodies are born to move to enjoy life to its fullest. Cathie is a highly intuitive and compassionate practitioner who listens, supports, encourages, and truly loves her clients back to health. Through a food first, holistic, and individualized approach, she teaches clients the importance of nourishing their bodies through a properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet to achieve optimal health and performance.

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